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We just confirmed our first show for 2015! We will be performing at BB Kings on Wednesday, Sept 9th, 2015 and opening for melodic progressive/speed metal band Angra!! For discounted tickets @ $20 each, please contact us at metal@gothicknights.com or visit our store page GK STORE PAGE.

January 3, 2015

R.I.P. Brian Dispost

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and former Gothic Knights drummer Brian Dispost. Brian was instrumental during the band’s early development as his amazing and high energy chops brought an edge to our music that is still part of us today. His amazing and dynamic drum work is featured on our 1996 debut CD. He was a total team player, but most of all he was a great friend to all of us. He had the gift of sarcasm and made us laugh every time we hung out. We remember the days he used to come to the door with just a leather jacket in the freezing cold. He was the viking of the band!

Brian stopped playing with us back in the late 90s because he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which eventually took away his ability to play drums and became a life long battle for him. We never “officially” parted ways with him as we always held hope that one day he would get better. Our great friendship continued with him as we kept in touch with him through the years. Although he passed away last night, in our hearts, he will always be part of our band.


Band is featured on page 29 of the Sept 9th, 2014 issue of the Good Times Mag! Check it out!!


The Aquarian posted an article on the band! Check it out!!

We have the honor and privilege of opening for the mighty Grim Reaper!! Grim Reaper’s cult status as founder of “true heavy metal” goes without saying! And for those who don’t remember Grim Reaper’s videos on channel U68, those were the days right before metal became huge in the 80s. So come on down and bang your head and raise your horns high! And bust out your old demin jacket if you have it and if it still fits!

Come and join us on this special night as we open for the mighty Queensr├┐che with Todd LaTorre singing!!

Joining us on stage at BB Kings is vocalist Nick Parisi. Nick is a seasoned veteran from our local scene and currently the lead vocalist of the excellent Queensryche tribute band Rage For Order. Come witness his incredible range and soaring vocals as we play several tracks from our last few releases!

Opening for legendary act UFO at Revolution in Amityville, NY on Saturday, October 5th, 2013. Band will be performing a bunch of new songs as well as a couple of songs from earlier releases that it hasn’t played out in years!!

Horst Vonberg interviews guitarist John Tzantis!!

February 27, 2013

Metal to Infinity Interview!!

Stefan Glas interviews guitarist John Tzantis!!